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Bureau definition.

A bureau is an organization that collects or provides information.

Bureau synonyms

Air Force Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance, office, National Weather Service, NOAA, US Fish and Wildlife Service, administrative body, USCB, US Border Patrol, National Guard Bureau, FWS, Counterterrorist Center, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Technology Administration, Government Printing Office, GPO, Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service, DRMS, Customs Bureau, Air Force, Nonproliferation Center, NIH, Department of Defense Laboratory System, organ, Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, local authority, NPC, Foreign Service, government agency, federal agency, DOEI, PHS, National Institutes of Health, OIS, Naval Special Warfare, FDA, executive agency, NGA, NGB, Army, authority, Census Bureau, Bureau of Justice Statistics, AFISR, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Government Accounting Office, Advanced Research and Development Activity, U. S. Air Force, administrative unit, MCIA, LABLINK, NSWC, US Navy, Federal Aviation Agency, United States Border Patrol, law enforcement agency, US Government Printing Office, Customs Service, Financial Management Service, Defense Logistics Agency, Internal Revenue Service, National Park Service, INR, INS, OSHA, Navy, Department of Energy Intelligence, Bureau of Intelligence and Research, US Army, Office of Intelligence Support, Air Force ISR, United States Navy, CTC, United States Air Force, Transportation Security Administration, US Coast Guard, U. S. Coast Guard, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, National Climatic Data Center, Casualty Care Research Center, National Technical Information Service, Office of Naval Intelligence, NAWCWPNS, NTIS, Defense Technical Information Center, independent agency, Bureau of Justice Assistance, Army Intelligence, TSA, CCRC, BMDO, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, BJA, CDC, United States Army, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, BJS, U. S. Army, Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Bureau of the Census, Naval Underwater Warfare Center, DTIC, USA, United States Public Health Service, USN, FHA, USAF, DISA, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, US Air Force, DS, Bureau of Customs, ONI, United States Government Accounting Office, DARPA, agency, Immigration and Naturalization Service, GAO, Food and Drug Administration, Federal Housing Administration, Comptroller of the Currency, NUWC, FAA, NIST, NSW, AI, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, IRS, United States Government Printing Office, Defense Information Systems Agency, United States Coast Guard, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Patent and Trademark Office Database, ARDA, Patent Office, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, NCDC, Ballistic Missile Defense Organization


Title: Bureau

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License: Creative Commons 3 - CC BY-SA 3.0

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Original Author: Nick Youngson - link to -

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